Sea Salt & Chocolate

Brownie Points


Loyalty Card

As a Brownie Points card member, say hello to exclusive benefits and tasty rewards! For every ten stamps you get a slice of cake, absolutely free!

To get your very own Brownie Points card, visit our cafe and ask our staff for your peronalised card! The card can be used for the same day's purchase.


Is there a validity period on this card?

Yes for one year.

Can I order more than one slice in one invoice, and get more stamps?

Yes, if it’s a take away order.

Can I get stamps if many of us from the same group order slices of cake at the café?

No, the Brownie Points card is personalized. But your friends can collect their own personalised card and get a stamp as well!

Is it valid on bars and brownies?

Yes, it is valid for bars and brownies.

Is it valid for cookies?

Yes, if you buy 2 cookies.

What if I buy a whole cake?

Sorry, it's not valid for whole cakes – only slices.